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Getting Started

How do I register?

Register here

  1. Click on the registrer button above select your desired email and click Next.

  2. Create your password. Make sure you create a strong password that you'll rememeber.

  3. Click the Download link and store the Mailio SmartKey file to your local computer.

Claim your reserved Mailio address

This section applies to gold, silver and bronze users as well as everyone who has claimed their Mailio email. If you don't know what that means you can simply navigate to and create your new email address.

Reserved email addresses

If you've reserved an email already you need to claim it

In your browser navigate to Registration

Insert the email you've reserved (example: igor20):

Claim email

If the entered email was reserved, then Claim button should appear, otherwise check your reserved Mailio email.

Click on the Claim button and insert your password you've used when you've reserved your email.

Follow the rest of the registration process.